Ambiguous Cylinder Illusion

ERMAHGERD, How does it do that? These 3D printed objects are so wonderfully weird and mind breaking! Aren’t they just the coolest?

This video is from a contest called the Illusion of the Year in which participants develop various illusions that confound and confuse the mind. The author of this illusion is Kokichi Sugihara from the Meiji University in Japan.

Whip Jenga – April Jennifer Choi

Friday Fun – April Jennifer Choi – plays jenga with a whip.
A great idea, why, why why in so many games of late night (feet only) jenga at juggling conventions did we not play this.

Fuman Musicoloco

Fuman Musicoloco went viral on facebook earlier this month with his impressive street performance act. He is from Spain, and hand created his drum kit specifically for this piece. Although juggle drumming is not uncommon, this man’s work is original and creative, both in the street arts and in the juggling world.

BoNC | Measuring & Understanding Dance

“The Bureau of Nonverbal Communication is a multidisciplinary organization that seeks to regulate and protect all nonverbal communication in the U.S. The tools and systems demonstrated in this film are intended to assist in your understanding and appreciation of Dance.”
Chief Creative Director, Writer, Choreographer: Dana Wilson.
Other videos on the youtube channel of the Bureau.
We need more props with built in spirit level bubbles…for extra precision.

Helena Vlahos – Rolling coins on her belly

Belly Dancer Helena Vlahos is able to roll coins up and down on her belly, that is some incredible control.

There are some helpful tips on how to do this are on her website.

This hat routine is very good

Even the briefcase stuff surprised me.
I have no idea what the name of this performer is.  Can someone help? Guan-Ting Chen (陳冠廷) from Taiwan – see the comments.

The Incredible Incredible presents: Palindrome

Poki and Justin have been working on a new show and its almost ready. It premiers this November at the New Orleans Fringe ( and I hope to see more video soon.