How to make “water” balls

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How to make balls of “water” with a few household ingredients – Magic.

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  1. James Says:

    Please share!
    Sounds very interesting.


  2. lawrens Says:

    Hey Drew !!
    Yes please give the link !!

  3. Mafiaboy Says:


    water, a fridge -18° C, dans 2 bowls ???

    too simple reponse to be right. no?!

  4. Mafiaboy Says:

  5. Drew Says:

    Sorry Guy’s a few problems with updating MoM’s software/ Link fixed now. Enjoy, Drew. Yep Mafiaboy, thats the same one.

  6. Gir Says:

    has anyone tried this? i’m having my doubts about it, and most people commenting on both youtube and metacafe that have tried it say it’s not working for them.

  7. JMax Says:

    According to my Chemistry Teacher sister, this is not possible for various reasons. And the science terms presented in the video make no sense. It wouldn’t form a sphere if it was true anyway, the most it would do is form some type of gel when picked up, like toy slime or something. I can go into a bit more detail, but a comment field isn’t really long enough. :)

  8. Fabio Says:

    According to the sister of your chemistry teacher, or according to your sister who is a chemistry teacher? Please bear with my english :)

    Anyway, around the net is said that you indeed don’t get solid marbles, but rather some pretty slimy and squishy round thingies that feels like, duh, slimy and squishi rubber things. And if you squeeze them, they burst, like a bubble would do.

  9. JMax Says:

    My sister who is a Chemistry Teacher. I wouldn’t bother mentioning unless I got it directly from someone who studies these things. Here’s a couple of interesting things that she said.

    ‘And prolly the most important thing is NONE of the chemicals used are large enough to react in a way that would cause any large molecules at all, which is what you need for a substance that sticks to itself.’

    ‘Even the explanation doesn’t make sense, loses it’s polar hability? Water ALREADY sticks to itself better than almost any other (pure) liquid.’

    At 2:38 or so in this video, you can see him playing without moving the liquid into the air or apart from each other, and it’s forming ‘spheres’ while the liquid is still in the container. So even the very idea of ‘pulling’ the liquid into the air and then forming the sphere as it leaves the liquid is disproved. What is in the container is a group of solid ‘sphere’ like objects, and a liquid. Not a liquid that turns into ‘sphere’ like objects after removal from the body of the liquid.

  10. Drew Says:

    We don’t know! But we’re loving the debate. It could be either, If it’s real, it’s cool, and if it is fake it is one of the best magic tricks I’ve seen recently. So either way it’s a win. This morning I’m leaning towards thinking that they are marbles, and it’s “magic”.

  11. Vash Says:

    If you watch closely right after the ‘Time for Fun’ part of the video when he is moving his hand through the liquid, one of the ‘water balls’ falls out of the right side of the container and bounces away. Also when he drops the balls into the cup why does the cup already have liquid in it? Perhaps to hide the fact that this is fake. You don’t have to be a chemist to figure that out. Probably would be funny to know how many people wasted half an hour of their lives and some baking soda and salt to realize they aren’t very smart.

  12. Jethro Says:

    Nice try.

    2:11 – 2:16 you can see the “spheres” that are only supposed to exist when exposed to the atmosphere INSIDE the solution.

    H O A X

  13. eric Says:

    watch it carefully at about 2:15 behind the words and you can see the “balls” move at the bottom of the container

  14. Ralphomon Says:

    They’re most likely marbles with a refractive index very close to that of water.

  15. Luke Says:

    What a dirty hoax, btw you can buy these ‘water balls’ at most gadget shops… Oh yeah and do step one (vinegar and baking soda) and expect to have a big foamy mess to clean up =P

  16. Alec Says:

    I’ve been trying to find calcium bicarbonate for weeks and apparently it doesn’t even exist in solid form. I’m leaning towards thinking it’s fake, but if it isn’t, I need some calcium bicarbonate.

  17. Matt Says:

    Perhaps he meant sodium bicarbonate? Its just the chemical name of baking soda. Worth a shot I guess.

  18. Will Says:

    I think calcium bicarbonate can be found in alka seltzer, but look it up before you take my word for it.

  19. Mathew Says:

    He Dosnt Say Exactly How much of the Ingredients You Need, Does Anyone Know?

  20. Richard Says:

    Calcium bicarbonate doesn’t even exist as a solid according to the encylopedia!

  21. anishannayya Says:

    Nice hoax! Too bad “polar hability” does not exist and calcium bicarbonate is a liquid solution. BTW, I’m a A.P. chemistry teacher.

  22. Michelle Says:

    Utter hoax…but a great jump off spot to write about water and polarity!

  23. Cow Says:

    Not a hoax! The spheres form along with water in the reaction, that is why the water around the spheres is in the container. The spheres are calcium bicarbonate crystals that are hydrated, meaning they contain water locked inside the crystal. This trapped water pulls against the other crystalline trapped water, causing it to form the spheres. The byproduct, water, is just leftover from the reaction and the spheres are submerged in it. Don’t let the spheres dry out on the floor or counter, it will ruin them and leave spots.

  24. bill Says:

    yes i belive cow is right i belive that it is a byproduct and that it really does turn in to marbles i have tried it and it does work there is no lie

  25. T-dubs Says:

    this experient sounds really stinkin awesome, but i can’t figure out where the calcium bicarbonte comes from/is made/where i can get it…maybe i’m being blonde, lol, but i need this explained

  26. dlut Says:

    im trying this tommorrow with my science teacher

  27. Ryguy Says:

    Calcium bicarbonate is a solution… Of what? Water and calcium carbonate… Bi- means two and I’m not sure if thisll work but I’m thinking about trying it, with a couple theories… I think towards the end he has boiling water in the pan because when he dumps it in that fridge pack it more than what was in his cup…

  28. arland Says:

    Calcium bicarbonate is a by product of calcium carbonate and water so its true that the guy had calcium bicarbonate but only after he mixed it with the water.

  29. arland Says:

    Sorry forgot to mention that chalk and lime are forms of calcium carbonate

  30. uran Says:

    it does work man you just need calcium bicarbonate with you can creat by ur self by mixing calcium pills and baking soda and mineral water its very eazy

  31. J Says:

    Where can you buy Calcium bicarbonate? or whatev he used in the experiment

  32. Tomsanasshole Says:

    the liquid balls are fun to drink, they slide down your throat its a great sensation

  33. Levi Says:

    Does it matter what kind of vinegar u use? Because I used apple cider vinegar (I also used flavored tums for the calcium carbonate) and it came out as gooey red crap

  34. Kouryco Says:

    I found this on another website. Apparently crushed tums (for calcium carbonate) should work, but I am waiting for a response on whether it is certain they work. Once I find out, I will try this using this way and the way on the other website, which gives measurements of how much of each ingredient to use. I will post answer to question and results of experiments if I can get around to doing them.

  35. This is not a hoax Says:

    Guys do any you watch numbers well this was on one of there episodes explainging how it works if they put it on television it can’t be fake or it’s false advertisment and they can get sued.

  36. yup Says:

    Sooo does this work or not.

  37. it is not a hoax. Says:

    it rules. i have tried it and it works perfectly. i even picked up the “marbles” and threw them around the room. one of them landed in my water. it disappeared and i could not pick it back up. it is totally not a hoax though.

  38. DaiNBramageD Says:

    k anbody who believes this video is a COMPLETE IDIOT first of all if u the reason he pulls out those marbles is because the law of refraction since those marbles r made out of water it doesnt reflect or bend light back or anything but thats just the begging of the explanation go here for the rest (you will have to copy and paste) and also This is not a hoax person is right it isnt a hoax DOESNT ANYBODY WATCH NUM3ERS (dumbasses) and u know wat that video is stupid cause the vid is a hoax because u dont need any of those ingrediants but the water marbles r not a hoax and u guys no wat u can even buy those water marbles eaisly (jeez u ppl r stupid) LOL =)

  39. DaiNBramageD Says:

    k never mind u dont have to copy and paste lol

  40. Erin Says:

    can you use tums in the place to calcium bicarbonate?

  41. Ryan Says:

    This guy tried it:

  42. Tom Says:

    News article about it:

  43. Wooter Says:

    I have personality tryed this twice and it does not work!

  44. ???? Says:

    okay im confused some ppl say it works and some ppl say it does’nt
    should i try it or not?

  45. jtwk Says:

    OK SOOOOO are you supposed to put water in before you boil it?

  46. Ericia Says:

    where can i buy calcium bicarbonate….does anyone know?

  47. Megan Says:

    My Science Teacher Showed Us How To Do It And You Can Buy Them Ready Made, But They Become Invisable In Water. It Is Not Magical. Its Is All Lies,:(

  48. Michelle Says:

    Ok I searched on google and it said that you could use chalk as calcium bicarbonate, but I don’t know if it’s true or not. And umm ppl that posted those comments of ppl that believe this is stupid… well you really DO NOT NEED to post that. Some ppl just wanna have an imaginary mind or watev, kk? So plzz just leave them alone. Ohh and if your one of those trash talkers don’t come to my website and sign up because I will try to remove your comments that r rude and if I can… try to remove your account off my web. 😉 ok thnxx!!! God bless you all!!!

  49. Michelle Says:

    Ok so u could use crushed tums 4 calcium bicarbonate? Or can u also use chalk? And does it matter if your chalk is colored or not? If anyone knows, pllzz go 2 my website which is. And comment me, well sign up first. Go to videos and click the sign up button and post a comment if u know anything bout it!!! kk? THNXX!!! God bless u all again!!! 😉

  50. Michelle Says:

    Ohh ya I have those water marbles 2!!! They first look like beads and then when u put it in water they grow to marbles, well gel marbles cause they aren’t solid :).

  51. Виталий Павленко Says:

    Согласен с автором . У меня точно такое же мнение :)

  52. Pretty Cool Trick! Says:

    Pretty cool trick! Almost fooled a lot of people, but all we had to do, was come here and read all the comments…..look for the “almost hidden clues” and didn’t have to spend the 1/2 hour doing the “fake experiment”. Pretty good camera work too, but must admit again – pretty cool trick!

  53. this guy Says:

    don’t these things exist in magic supply shops?

  54. someone mcfee Says:

    can you like give us instructions of how to make it??Like what do we need to make the balls?

  55. LSCDC Says:

    If this was true, why was there water from the same container dripping from his fingers after he pulled his hand out?? Plus, ALL the water would react with the air and the balls would not all be the same diameter!! The larger amount of water in his hands the larger the “balls” and vice versa! IT IS A FAKE!!

  56. human Says:

    that did not work. maybe if someone could fine real instructions and measurements it could work. that was disappointing though :(

  57. scam exposer Says:

    ok this is a hoaz one calcium bicarbonate is liquid 2 someonje said calcium bicarbonate crystals absorb the water to make the balls fake again its a liquid noty crystal 3 i tried it it didnt work just left me with a stinky liquid 4 to make calcium bicarbonte you need water sodium bicarbonate and calcium carbonate a source of these is baking soda (sodium bicarbonte) chrushed egg shells/purified chalk(to pureify the chalk soak in viniar till it is purified you wil know when its purified to remove it from the vinigar take a thich paper towel and pour the liquid through it (you should have a creamy thing left on the paper towel) and let the paper towel dry then scrape the white (or whatever colour your calk was) stuff off
    so yeah this is a hoax liquids dont stick to make soldids unles your making ice

  58. Jigglypuff Says:

    You can also make waterballs by using: Sugar, salt, vinegar and baking soda; Then they will form correctly; Here are more ingredients, to make waterballs and colorball dyes:

    1 oz of Sugar
    1 oz of salt
    1/2 oz of vinegar
    1/8 oz of baking soda

    And also you can add extra ingredients (4 drops of colorful dye) First you have to add all the ingredients; Second you mix them all together; Third you have to put them in the freezer; Fourth mix them again, until very blended correctly; Fifth boil it about to 400 degrees Farenheit; Sixth let them cool for 5-10 minutes; Seventh you have to put in the refrigerator over night; (12 hours or more) Eight the next day, you have to take take them out of the refrigerator; Ninth you have to put your hand in water; Tenth you can add dye color to make then colorful; Eleventh you have to take the waterballs out; Twevelth you can play with them; Thirteenth you can also freeze them; Fourteenth you can even show them to your friends; Fifteenth you can cut them in half; Sixteenth you can bounce them, like a toy; Seventeenth you can even put them in water, and also turn them invisible; Eighteenth they can appear again, when you take them out of the water; Ninteenth you can also add water to them; Twenth it can be: Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet,(With extra dye) and even clear (Without dye).

    Twenty-first ????????????????????????
    Twenty second ????????????????????
    Twenty-third ???????????????????????
    Twenty-fourth ??????????????????????
    Twenty-fifth ?????????????????????
    Twenty-sixth ????????????????????
    Twenty-seventh ?????????????????????
    Twenty-eighth ?????????????????????
    Twenty ninth ??????????????????????
    Thirth ??????????????????????????????
    Thirty-first, you are done!

    T H H E
    T H H E
    T H H E
    T H H E

    E N N N D D !!
    E N N N D D !!
    E N N N D D !!
    E N N N D D !!
    E N N N D D

  59. master chemist of the universe Says:

    this is absolutely not a hoax. this is exactly how ectoplasm behaves in sodium bicarbonate as well.
    ps: support cannabis relegalization

  60. aaron rudd Says:

    oi can someone just send me some of the water balls okay ps stop fucking arguing about it if u think it fake then dont comment you dumbterds

  61. finn Says:

    where do you get calcium bicarbonate?

  62. pat Says:

    k all it totally works. To get calcium bicarbonate just mash up some tums (calcium carbonate), and it becomes calcium bicarbonate when it reacts with water.

  63. jewish lord. Says:

    … we just did this and wasted time. i wish i woulda read this beforehand. i hate you all.

  64. Rune Says:

    this is just a scam ppl, you can buy these marbles at this site

    how come “in touch with air it looses its polar hability” at 2:20 you can see the marbles lying in the box.

  65. Rune Says:

    i wrote down wrong link. the link is:

  66. Josh Says:

    Got bored of reading comments, so this may have been mentioned already. The spheres are always present, they just have the same index of refraction as water, so when they’re placed in water, it appears as though they’ve disappeared.

  67. nikki Says:

    i dont believe that’s possible. My physics teacher had spheres like those and as the guy above me said they look like they disappear when you put them in water. It would be awesome if you could do something like this though

  68. The guy. Says:

    Hey so this is whats up, you can buy these Spheres that seem to dissapear in water because they have a high consideration of water or something like that. This guy explains it.

    Basically its an optical illusion, its used as a magic trick.

  69. Chemistry PhD. Says:

    This is a total scam, if the the “substance” react with air and form a sphere… why he have DROPS of water falling from his hand into the bowl?

    This is a common sense answer, because I will not waste time explaining to you the impossible chemistry on it whit these ingredients.

  70. Sparrow Says:


    but if you want some fun, trick your friends :O

  71. megan and emily Says:

    you guys are all stupid because it totally does work…did it in science class and at home and it most definitely worked…so go scratch

  72. tiffany Says:

    what r those balls they put in there frist?????

  73. Just a Mom Says:

    Trying the sugar recipe with my daughter – seems doubtful it will actually make “water balls,” but she really wanted to try and I know so little about chemistry I figured, why not give it a try? But I have a BIG question for many of you: Why are you so angry with one another!? Why is it so hard for you to debate the viability of this experiment without all the put-downs and disdain?

  74. catrachita Says:

    hey, this is not a easy expement to do?? and this is an 10th grade experiment?? because they did’nt accept me an experiment called “Hot Ice” because it was easy.

  75. QUIMICO Says:



  76. Me Says:


    Those are marbles, chemicals don’t crystallize into perfect spheres! Go look up ‘crystal’ and see if any crystals are spheres!

    It is iodized, not ionized salt. (Potassium Iodide)

    Polar hability is a non existent term that you made up, why do people do this crap?

    Marbles, really?

  77. jacob lucy Says:

    how can u make water balls without baking soda?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  78. Anna Says:

    I saw this video two days ago and have been wondering how to do it ever since. My friend saw it too and tried it yesterday. He says that it worked perfectly for him…but i’m having a hard time believing it. I want to try it…but where do you get the calcium bicarbonate?!?!?

  79. Confuzed Says:

    Is it real or not? I found the video on stumbleupon and wanted to try it. Where can I get Calcium Bicarbonate in a powder form?

  80. Joe Says:

    think the guy means calcium carbonate which is in antacid tablets. Get mythbusters onto it

  81. Joe Says:

    And they arent crystalizing the surface tension is increasing. I dont thin its real but that is what it is claiming

  82. Alyssa Says:

    These are those water balls that you buy at the craft store or home improvement store for watering plants. They look decorative when you put them in the bottom of a vase or bowl and you can plant bamboo and other plants in them because they slowly release water. They are usually pink, purple or blue.

    All this guy did was put some in a bowl of water and died the water pink to match the color of the water balls…simple illusion on film..

    kind of funny that he added all the science stuff to it….I am sure he had lots of people in the kitchen freezing stuff, boiling stuff and stirring stuff….all to put theie hands in a slimy hot mess of salt water! :) Awesome…..

  83. WaywardWolfy Says:

    This IS legit. I don’t know every little detail of how it works, but I know it has to do with surface tension. Just like how you can take drop a bit of water on a penny and it wont spill over the sides. And the reason why there’s still normal water along with the spheres is because water is a product of the reaction. If you mix vinegar and baking soda you get water as a byproduct, and there is certainly vinegar and baking soda in that recipe.

  84. yourfriendlyneighborhoodchemicalengineer Says:

    Sorry to ruin the fun, but this is indeed a hoax.

    The water balls are actually made of a superabsorbant polymer. The polymer has a refractive index close to that of water, which is why they seem invisible. You can check out the wikipedia page for the polymer here Unfortunately you can’t make them from household ingredients but you can buy them online/at some gardening stores and they’re fairly cheap. Here’s a video of them in action

    Notice that with all the videos of people “making” them there is a cut before they show you the final product.

    Also, if anyone cares about the science… Since these balls are made from a polymer (read: really long, complicated molecule) the ingredients would have to undergo a polymerization reaction for them to form. With the ingredients and the method used in the video above (and all the others on youtube) that absolutely would not happen. The vinegar and baking soda would react to form salt (NaCl), CO2, and water. Adding more salt…makes it more salty. Calcium bicarbonate does not exist in solid form (oh hey wikipedia– so I don’t know what was in that glass but judging by the way it foamed it was probably just more baking soda. Someone suggested using sugar instead, but that wouldn’t do anything. In fact it’s pretty safe to say that it is not possible to make these out of any household products.

    As for the polarity/surface tension stuff: yes, water is polar and yes it has high surface tension. That’s not exactly why this works, although it is on the same subject. The superabsorbant gel is able to soak up so much water because it forms hydrogen bonds with the water molecules, pulling them out of solution.

    I won’t go any more in-depth than that because I don’t think anyone really cares, but there you have it! Go buy some water balls so you can trick your friends and make your own hoax videos.

  85. sydsaw Says:

    ok i did this and it worked and you can get calcium bicarbonate from tums alls you have to do is crush up some tums and you get calcium bicarbonate!! :)

  86. sydsaw Says:

    and wow some people need to get a life!

  87. Chegar Says:

    lol!!! you have all just been trolled!!

  88. TJ Says:

    Freaking awesome!!!!

  89. Kristen Says:

    Pretty sure this is what causes the water balls… :)

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