19 thoughts on “Mikel Ayala- Clubs”

  1. Wow! Amazing! It’s been a long time since I’ve seen juggling so good that it seems like magic.

  2. Wow amazing!
    Mikel, you are the best!
    I wait a lot of time for one video of Mikel in internet, but i can’t find one.
    Thanks for share!
    Mikel, big hug for youuu! i hope see you this summer in some place.

  3. I know mikel, he doesnt like people watching his act on video, it kinda takes away the surprise for when you see it live, personally I think he should have left it online, at least for a few more weeks, I couldnt stop watching it!!! its so good!!!

  4. I removed it because it is an old, not very good video.
    I put it to work and some days after someone told me that it was published in this kind of internet places and lots of people watching it. I felt bad about it.
    One day i will make a nice video, made to be watched in a screen and i will send it here.
    Hope to be understood

  5. If a video is inspiring people and asking them to reach a new level in themselves, is it not good?

  6. graciasss mikellll por existirrr y tenerr la tecnicaa que tenesss , damian buenoss aires.!!!

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