Pich – Baton Isolations

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New material from Pich (www.maniballe.net)
Baton/stick isolations and antispin. Pich blew us away with these techniques at the CJC07 in France.

The musician: Aberration Chromatique
Song: ‘Free Drive’
Thanks to Jowze for the link.

4 Responses to “Pich – Baton Isolations”

  1. Moon Says:

    God is a juggler and plays with sticks.

    Without words :O


  2. rob Says:

    what do you mean, cjc07? we had him first (uberparis for teh win)

  3. Drew Says:

    Pich is a legend….Amazing stuff, so much control.

  4. Ben Buddha Says:

    WOW !!!!!That is gorgeous.

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