Onni Toivonen – Clubbed to Death

Onni Toivonen threw out great footage of his live act today. It is a highly recommended watch. His dedication to the art of juggling is deep and full. He has a fluid manipulation style paired with highly skilled toss juggling of up to 7 clubs.

And yet, his Clubbed to Death video featured above is a little shorter and grittier. It features his clean manipulation style with funky edits and it is just so gosh darn cool!

You can contact Toivonen here


Fuman Musicoloco

Fuman Musicoloco went viral on facebook earlier this month with his impressive street performance act. He is from Spain, and hand created his drum kit specifically for this piece. Although juggle drumming is not uncommon, this man’s work is original and creative, both in the street arts and in the juggling world.

Gon Fernández – Tensegrity

Gon Fernández This fabulous ring video was published this month. Juggling is getting weirder and weirder. Isn’t it great? The hat’s are fantastic. More on Gon’s Youtube.

SBTA12 Video Jay Gilligan X Wes Peden X Erik Nilsson

Hey Guys! Though some of you might be interested to check out the latest video project I’ve released on my site. It’s some of the best juggling I’ve ever been a part of!

More info and full show video on www.wespeden.com

Japanese Jugglers #3

3rd in the fantastic japanese jugglers series from OliTheJuggler

From Youtube

The third installment of Japanese Jugglers – filmed in Tokyo May 2009. Featuring Yuri Yamamoto, Teruki Okamoto, Murakami, Shigezou, Komei Aoki, Masaki Hirano, Okotanpe, Yanai Akihiro and Tanaka Yhei. Music: Love Domination – Takkyu Ishino

Japanese Jugglers #2
Japanese Jugglers #1

Kelvin – Das Supertalent Final

Kelvin performed a perfect contact juggling routine in the final of Das Supertalent [click image for video].

Here’s an auto-translate into English of the comments, summary – they loved him. But, If I read correctly, I think that the prize might have gone to the guy playing the harmonica (no really).

MoM salutes the Kelvinator for a perfect performance – “La Classe”. Standing ovation well earned.
Kelvin, you’re awesome, I hope all the hard work was worth it.

Kelvin’s website and Kelvin previously on MoM, Kelvin is lined up as one of the teachers at MoM Berlin Workshop April 2009.

Alexander Koblikov – Juggling Sailor

http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=JCblDtiefWsBeautiful rolling, footwork and head catches with 3 to 10 balls and a sailor hat.
Wow. Picks Jaw up off the desk!
Thanks to Stijn, who posted it over on juggling DB, where they seem to be having a week of uncovering great videos from Russia and Ukraine.
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Frida – 3 ball cascade

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_qtAe70VMQFrida just posted a video of one of my favourite acts of EJC 2008.
Bad camera angle, but well worth watching anyway.
More good stuff via her youtube profile, like this bounce juggling and slackrope promo.