What is Bodyrolling?

Bodyrolling is a one of the 4 main types of contact juggling, here is a video definition of bodyrolling. Franckfort: By Franck / Mika Quartz from Paris.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7ZH6pSeXNw One of the best there ever was Francis Brunn, he included some amazing body contact in his performances, more Francis Brunn. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ISstyvZQah4 Rythmic Gymnasts perform some incredible body … Continue reading What is Bodyrolling?

Kyle Johnson – Interview and Video

New video from the inhumanly talented Kyle Johnson, entitled “Smile, I know you want to…” Interview with Kyle: > Where do you live? I live in Rocklin, California > Is there a community of contact jugglers where you are? Not really, maybe one or two others in my area but they dont focus on it. … Continue reading Kyle Johnson – Interview and Video

Nathalie Enterline – Hat & Cane

Don’t watch: Do watch: jtv – From the Old School Jugglers DVD. Recorded from German TV(?) in 1985 How have we managed not to post the incredible Nathalie Enterline on MoM before. Previously mentioned here. Above are 2 very similar routines to the same music, the JTV clip is better to watch but we can’t … Continue reading Nathalie Enterline – Hat & Cane

Ernst Montego Kuhn

If theres a gene for Juggling, its strong in the Brunn family. From Big Sky Film Festival: Dance of Sisyphus 86 minutes, 2003 Super 16mm, Germany By Bert Schmidt “Ernest Montego, born Ernst Kuhn in Aschaffenburg, Germany in 1936, has been a juggler for over 50 years…. As a twelve year old, he went to … Continue reading Ernst Montego Kuhn