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26 Responses to “Suggest a Link 2”

  1. Dawn Says:

  2. Jowze Says:

    Enjoy :)

  3. brunex Says:

    I ain´t no diabolo Freak, but it just seems to me this fellow is just going way further on vertax

  4. Mark Says:

    Dog circus, around 1:45 this lady contact juggles a dog, it is epic.

  5. sparkfire Says:

    Fire Fury’ duo fire show in Mexico – by Spark Fire Dance
    A very short clip thrown together from a recent show in Mexico. First chance I’ve had to film something since finishing with Cirque.

    Fire Fury show description:
    A high impact combination of modern dance, acrobatic skills, fire prop manipulation and special effects. Atmospheric and powerful high energy rhtyhms.
    This very dynamic act includes spectacular and breathtaking special effects Dan designed for Cirque du Soleil. Optional pyrotechnic finale can also be included.

  6. guillaume Says:

    Movie from bordeaux, mix between cinema, circus and juggling. seven months of work for eleven minutes of images



  7. Szubay Says:

    I am a young Juggler at Colgate University, this is footage of a routine that I put together for the University’s talent show last Thursday November 15th. A little ring manipulation, a little ring juggling, all set to music.

    The routine took first place in the show.

    Hope you like it, Enjoy!

    Rj Szuba

  8. justinandchristinapoi Says:

    This is a partner poi tech blog we just finished. We’ve been working on developing ideas and theories in interlocking partner poi this past year, and this is a culmination of a lot of the tech, both new and old, we’ve been practicing together. Enjoy!

  9. s1mona8el Says:

    Hello ministry,

    My name is simon and in January i’m going to be taking my manipulation skills around india with with PWB

    I’m trying to raise a bit of cash on a crowd fund website now i have just 11 days left!!

    Here is the juggling video i made to help me raise some funds.. as a perk you can download the tune (remixed by my good pal skalli-waggles) and much more!…

    Please help me to spread this to allow me to go teach my ministry inspired knowledge to kids who will really benefit!

    Much love for the ministry!

    DonDunSIMON x

  10. lukas bola Says:

    this is just my contact staff log practice stuff… hope u enjoy

    and this awesome gem of contact juggling…. three ball balance on the head!!!! best cj vid ever!!

  11. Lucas Abduch Says: Collaboration 2012!
    Last year it was in MoM. I really think that all these amazing tricks should be here again!

  12. Dawn Says:

  13. dbt Says:

    Some crazy amazing partner poi and plane control:

  14. Says:

    circus teaser trailer


  15. Says:

    circus teaser trailer

  16. Mark Says:

    Wanted too see if I could get some love on my newest video.
    I think it is good, hope you do too.

  17. Lucas Abduch Says:

    Aiden. A fire staff video.
    the latest video-art I produced. Everybody loves fire, right?

  18. sparkfire Says:

    Some hardcore fire effects here.

  19. amiel Says:

    If you haven’t already posted it, this is pretty mind-blowing:

    Boyanka Angelova, a Gymnast from Bulgaria. She has amazing accuracy and catches high throws with her feet!

    Also, table juggling is getting beautiful:

  20. Lucas Abduch Says:

    Otávio Fantinato has a unique and very interesting object manipulation research – with all kinds of objects!

    You should definitely check it!

  21. Lucas Abduch Says:

    ops, now with thumbnail
    sorry about the double post

  22. Lucas Abduch Says:

    there’s a new video going on.
    Any chance we can make it to MoM?

  23. lukas bola Says:

    love the site guys… this is a video on contact staff fingertip fishtails i did a little while ago. pls enjoy. hope its worthy…

  24. yoyo_fen Says:

    Hello all. Great website! I am visiting it every day and showing your videos to my clients in the shop!
    I have a suggestion for you. I know you don’t normally post yoyo videos, but this one is different. Please see for yourselves :)
    Thank you for your time.

  25. PhineusFerb Says:

    Check out my Lumosity Parody with Lego Mini Figures
    Let me know what you think!

    That annoying Lumosity ad has been parodied and updated with Lego Mini figures: Ancient Persian Warrior worries about using modern technology; Indiana Jones likes cracking his whip, grabbing treasure and saving the girl; the Canadian guy apologises for the Canadian Olympic Hockey teams beating the Americans; a Lego kid wonders why we can’t just read books, socialize with friends and be active.
    The ad ends wondering why you are impressed by some graphs and charts. You will pay a monthly fee to play simple games. Really! The science behind these particular “games” making you ‘smarter’ is weak. Neuroplasticity is real: to get out and learn something. Get out of your comfort zone and grow up a little!

  26. handstandan Says:

    Body manipulation whilst balancing on my head, exploring organic ways to catch the balance and playing with different movement quality’s upsidown.


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