What is Bodyrolling?

Bodyrolling is a one of the 4 main types of contact juggling, here is a video definition of bodyrolling. Franckfort: By Franck / Mika Quartz from Paris.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7ZH6pSeXNw One of the best there ever was Francis Brunn, he included some amazing body contact in his performances, more Francis Brunn. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ISstyvZQah4 Rythmic Gymnasts perform some incredible body … Continue reading What is Bodyrolling?

Dawn – Contact juggling (bodyrolling) practice session

Some technical and innovative rolling ideas from Dawn. Things in the bodyrolling world are heating up! With people like Kyle, Luminous Fractal, Grateful Juggler and Dawn hanging out on www.contactjuggling.org and throwing ideas around, and with the new popularity of large balls (5inches and up.. Dawn is using an 7.5″ renegade stage ball) there is … Continue reading Dawn – Contact juggling (bodyrolling) practice session

Teku – Salaryman

Super project by our friend Teku. 30 minutes of bodyrolling/fingerstalls with RdL Props (Rings + Clubs)/Babal/Diablo. “I’ve made plenty of videos up until now but I felt like creating something more substantial for a change. The idea came several months ago during a very low point at my job, so I used all that pent … Continue reading Teku – Salaryman

MorpHex Ball

Let’s say you’re bodyrolling and you drop your ball, can your ball transform into a 6 legged robot and walk back to you. No. I don’t think so, your ball can’t do this… Jump to 56sec for the transformer action. Drew