Erik Åberg – Ghost Cubes

23 min documentary + 7 min of more Ghostcubes:
All the objects in this film were created by Erik Åberg.

Origami Manipulation is a a 23 minute documentary where the research of the Ghostcubes is explained. The film shows the process all the way from the beginning, initial ideas and how they evolved.

Also included is Liquid Wood, a 7 minute short film that displays more work with Ghostcubes and as a bonus you will also receive the Ghostcube youtube video in high quality.

This is a pay for download film. After purchase you will receive an email with download links.

Price: 10 €
Length: 30 minutes
Format: MPEG-4
Number of files: 3
Total size: 788 mb


Joseph Viatte – ball juggling

2 years ago all my friends in Europe started asking me ” have you met this young kid Joseph? He is amazing.”

I later met him at the Swiss juggling convention was deeply impressed by his passion for contact juggling. I immediately subscribed to his youtube channel, Juggling for Cake and he has released some great contact and multiball and 8ring stuff. Seriously just click those links.

They are all full of stuff you’ve never thought of before but it is brilliant. I should have been posting all of them on the Ministry all year, but these recent 3ball videos are just too good so here ya go, this is Joseph and he is seriously one of the best new contemporary jugglers that exist.

3 boxes : Jin

Very good new today in the world of box manipulation.

I was saddened last week to learn that both Eloi’s ‘Porte a Porte” video, AND Eriks “VSNBT MNPLTN SRS #3: THE ROOM” video were no longer online. Two of the best (and perhaps the ONLY, i’ve been searching all week) examples of contemporary box technique no longer exist in a shared format. How will we ever put the ‘cigar’ stuff behind us and the silly up-and-down Froggy style box tricks of the olden days if we don’t have access to all the cool new tricks being developed by mad geniuses like Erik and Eloi? Where can find find all this awesome new shuffling and sliding contemporary box manipulation stuff?