Shoebox Tour Iceland


i’m very excited to share this with you all! it’s a big collection of clips from the shows Jay and i performed in Iceland! hope you enjoy it!!

If you are interested to see the whole show as performed on the America tour you can check out the trailer and buy the film on this page.

A special book and DVD set is also available. See info below.

Limited Edition Shoebox Tour America 2011 Book & DVD

2 x copies available
8 x 8 inches, softcover
20 x full color pages
1 x essay by Jerry Martin
1 x unbranded DVD-R (region free)*
1 x payment via PayPal
45 x € (shipping included)**

*- DVD is a hard copy of the available digital download
**- local pickup from Münster, Germany, is available and includes personalized autographs

Eleven Shot (Tony Pezzo)

i love Tony’s juggling and i’m ridicules happy to see it recorded and available for the world to see.

if you don’t have the video already you should get it as quickly as possible so as to avoid ridicule from you clever and attractive friends.

The video includes a definition of genius spelled out with 4 clubs, the hottest 5 ring work on the block, a 3 ball sequence to make you fall out of your chair, and a 3 ring routine with the elegance of a pear neckless and the beautiful logic of a suspension bridge.

i’ll leave the ass kicking 2 ring sequence and sick 3 club work as a surprise for you along with all the other stuff in the video i didn’t mention.

if you are at all interested in juggling get the video. no jokes.

Inline Skate Juggling (Kiev!!)

The kind Ukrainians once again explaining that if you are a juggler and want a girlfriend you should move to Kiev.

Raw Art presents:
Performed by Katya Nikiforova.
Directed by Taras Pozdnyakov.
Costume designed by Valery Kovalska.
Idea by Yuriy Pozdnyakov & Taras Pozdnyakov.
Coach – Yuriy Pozdnyakov.