Francis & Lotte Brunn Videos II & III

BrunnThis is a gem! I just couldn’t believe that I’d never seen this clip before, I was so happy to stumble upon this old footage from
the Lotte Francis Brunn Documentary. and shows that Lotte was also an INCREDIBLE juggler too, although over-shadowed by her brother Francis.

brunn.jpgAnd just for anyone who might have missed it, here is the the most famous video clip of Francis in Action on the Jack Benny Show.mpg 74Mb.
Same video as a 30Mb avi
Same video on youtube – lower res The assistant is Lotte, not showcasing in this clip.

Brunn, a Master of this art.
A hero of the MoM crew, and of the whole Juggling and manipulation world. More videos to come this week in Brunn week on MoM.
Enjoy, Drew.

Imperfect Cirquel


imperfectcirquel.avi [High Quality 150Mb!]
imperfectcirquelmq.avi [Medium Quality]
Suddenly the future of Juggling and manipulation web videos looks a lot brighter! Just by watching the intro’s you’ll know this is DVD quality in the filming and awesome editing, and very high res file too :). (not low res You-tube clips). And the quality of the skills equally brilliant, Enjoy:

Shay Wapniaz: contact juggling
Lorenzo “SID” Crivellari: balls and clubs
Stefano “DIABLISTA” Mestroni: balls and diablo
Pietro “BUSK” Selva Bonino: diablo
Federico “EXART” Fiordigiglio: unicycle
Alessio “EVVIVA” Dantignana: staff
Daniele “KASETTA” Caselli: balls
Silvia “STREGAI” Pavone: hula hoops
Emanuele “MOON” Marchione: bouncing balls

Looking forward to seeing more of these folk, and more high quality videos like this in future.

Video – Traces, Incredible Acro

Todays treat is a Promo for “Traces” by the company “les 7 doigts de la main”. The show features 5 cool acrobats with a cool street style and some incredible skills.
On tour, its in germany and france later this year, but sadly it doesn’t look like UK is on their agenda. 🙁

click me
Watch this show!

Thanks to MCP of firestaff-tutorials for sending me this link!
Wow. Fantastic.

Rock Balancing Video

An oldie, but a goodie:
balancing point

Rock balancing has to go back to the beginning of time, even mother earth likes to play this manipulation game.
But Sensei Studios do it well, and the film it well, and they add an extra twist with reversing the video. So it’s definately worth a look.

It’s from:
Sensei Studios
Who have got a lot of videos and stuff.

Ryans likes Rock balancing, and I like Ryans Rock balancing – You might see a hint of this In the In-Isolation DVD.