Visual Juggling DVD and Download

Trailer for a shiney new Manipulation DVD, with some amazingly talented artists.

Visual Juggling Project is a succession of suggestions on object motion & body language, highlighting the graphic side of the discipline. It is a collaboration of 12 international jugglers & manipulators, with various props, including; balls, clubs, rings, poi, devilstick & frisbee. It has been made from the shared reflections, explorations & experiences of those major stakeholders on the dynamic relationships between tech & flow. This 80 Minutes, Hi Definition video (with 19 chapters) is the one to get to become aware of the potential of this unexplored playground.

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More Fun Than Visiting a Zoo – volume 3 – Remix (Jay and Wes video)

Manipulation Research Laboratory

 More Fun Than Visiting a Zoo – 
Volume 3 – Remix

Performed by:
Wesley Jefferson Peden & Jay Nathan Gilligan

489 tricks! 1 hour main feature plus 1 hour of bonus tricks! Available now for 10€ from