EJC 2006

The Ministry of Manipulation presents:


Ladies and Gentlemen…

This years EJC was a special experience for all those contact jugglers that attended. Its a rare occasion when so many talented artists get together in one place… we had Greg, Jaine and Therione from America, Dawn and Ryan from Canada, Drew, Jago, Matt Hennem and Colin from the UK, Pich, Bruno and Furet from France, George and Chris from Greece, Em from Sardinia, Mot and Marco from Holland, and plenty more….

Now imagine trying to compress the entirety of those 9 days into only 10 minutes. Filmed by Dawn, edited by Ryan, with a special credit to Matt Hennem for the aerial photography of the site (not to mention the wicked contact)

Free Convention Video

British Juggling Convention 2003 – by Andy Wilson

BJC 2003BJC 2003

A Contact Juggler’s view of the 2003 British Juggling Convention
Featuring: Silver Paul, Steve, Jago, Deniz, John Blanshard, Drew, Malte, Rob Horseman and many more…

30 Minutes of the best festival Hightlights:
– Footage of the UK’s best jugglers and manipulators
– Jago’s 2003 ‘Palm Circles’ act
– Football on stilts (!!!)
– TePooka’s Fire show
– Drews Mirror Scene
– And MORE!

Grab a cup of tea, sit back and enjoy. There’s some good stuff in here…
Watch now for FREE, only on The Ministry of Manipulation

In Isolation Promo

The promo for Full Moon Performers/Beard Juggling Ltd’s ”In Isolation” is now available through the Ministry and on Jagos Fullmoon site: (hint: on fullmoon you’ll find that the download the wmv or mov, are higher quality than their inbrowser version):
In Isolation
The release date for the video is the 9th of July; available at juggling shops worldwide and via www.beard.co.uk, but for now, enjoy this sneak peek.

Video – MoM Workshop + Play Festival

Ryan sneeked out a quick video of one of our thursday night workshops a couple of weeks ago. Somehow it never got mentioned on this Blog.

Play logo

There’s no Workshop next thursday, Ryan, Drew and Jeanine (and Dawn, Ed and a whole load of others) will all be at Play festival. Theres even a rumour that we’re going to perform and teach manipulation workshops. As far as I know Play is the worlds most brilliant, and most chilled manipulation festival with a lot of music and live bands too.
If you can get there, do.

And yes, it really is a manipulation festival, not a juggling festival. Play rocks.

Video – Contact Machine

It is the year 2006 and Human Contact Jugglers have now been rendered obsolete – Replaced by “Markrokosmos” a truely fantastic 3m by 3 by by 2.5m kinetic sculpture manipulating 79 glass balls at a time.
click here.

Poke around the site and you will find lots of short video clips:
Click “about Markrokosmos” and “preferred location” and all it’s sub-menu’s
Genius, I love it.
The clips are extracts from a DVD which is also available: “Kinetic,” a film by J.W. van Reijen on a selection of Mark Bischof’s kinetic work. I have it, and I think it’s fab, recommended viewing for anyone who likes to see balls rolling!
Details of Mark and the DVD