Ministry of Manipulation : Berlin 2010 Official Video


Elsie on ContactJuggling.Org just posted:

Here it is guys, ten whole minutes of video goodness!

Just a few words to everyone involved with this. Firstly a huge thank you to Ed and Aragorn for sharing your techniques and ideas. Secondly, a huge thank you to everyone else for putting up with me shoving a camera in your face while you are going through the sometimes very vulnerable stages of learning.

It’s been a massive project for me. I got ten hours of footage, and have watched every minute of it over and over, trying to find the best clips that capture the mood, environment, and the people.  […] :D

Turn the volume up and enjoy.

Excellent editing, *round of applause* for Elsie.

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Ich Bin Ein Berlin Ed (UnEditEd)’t watch the clip above, go to Youtube and watch it in High Def.
The first video from Nika from the recent MoM Berlin Masterclass. Super super effect from the lovely camera lens. Hire him, he makes stuff look amazing with a camera. 😀
Oh, and I’m in the Video, too.
I bust out after day two of the workshop. MY eyes bug when I watch this, and I was there!
Thanks Nika! I can’t wait to see more videos!
Edit: Drew I added a category, cos Ed was too modest. 😉

Workshop update: Ed and Aragorn


Quick update:

19 places have been booked. The space requires 15 people to have paid by Monday 20th October, and we’re at 14. one more confirmation needed! 😀

I’d like to take this opportunity to remind any of those that have booked to please either pay in full or a deposit, or contact the Katakomben and express a confirmation of attendance and payment upon arrival if possible. Many thanks in advance!

If the full capacity of students is not reached in time, Aragorn will still be teaching a workshop in his unique dance style over the week. However, there will be no Illusion contact juggling.

See many of you soon! 😀

5 years, 1000 posts, 1 000 000 views

LED type 02 / light painting
Five and a half years after starting MoM, we have; 1 book, 2 weddings, several MoM workshops, and over 1 000 000 unique visitors (according to our stats counter).
And this is MoM’s 1000th blog post.
Thanks for reading, and here’s to the next 5 years.
The above image is from theFlickr acrylic balls pool. by Maido of Japan.

MoM/BishoP Workshop, Berlin, 5-9/Oct/2010

Aragorn Boulanger aka Bishop and Ed Adams of the Ministry have decided to team up to bring you the most in-depth and high level Isolation and Illusions workshops ever given.

Aragorn will be responsible for making the impossible possible as he teaches Animation techniques with the body. He will mostly work on time perceptions and distortions. The stillness, or immobility, will be the first step. But it is to discover laws of the flow. Isolation will be a priory skill of course but we won’t spend much time on this. There will be more focus on global time and living movement awareness. That’s how Aragorn will introduce energy changes and bring pupils to popping, ticking, strobing, rewind, matrix effects, etc…
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EJC Live streaming video

We’ve been rather quiet about the European Juggling Convention this year because we’re sad not to be at our favorite juggling and manipulation festival. This year, it has a live stream , by Nathan Rae EJC live: Where the European Juggling Convention comes to you.
For me it’s generally stuttering too much to be watchable, pausing every 3 seconds to buffer 🙁 But I’ll keep trying.
Last night featured Kelvin doing his thing with 1 and 2 acrylics in the open stage, which was amazing.

If there’s nothing live at the moment, there are a bunch of recorded highlights you can watch, my favorite is:

Be sure to stay to the end of the clip for a great ending!
[Edit: updated with Youtube link, cos ustream doesn’t work so well: thanks Divus]