MoM loves the French

The French Manipulators and jugglers have a great online community at With discussion on all areas of manipulation, swinging, juggling and contact, all in one bullitin board.

There’s A whole area of videos and check the rest of the forum, as it seems that videos often crop up in other places. eg If you are into ball contact, this is a great archive of Balle Contact Videos

If you don’t read French, theres an excellent Firefox extension called Foxlingo which will translate the site in browser and keep the page layout, the translations are sometimes a bit funny, but they’re enough to let you work it out. To get you started “massues”=clubs.
Big hello to all our French friends.

Carvin 2006 Convention

Thanks to Bousk for this Carvin Convention 2006 video on youtube showing Impressive juggling and manipulation:

YOUTUBE link fullscreen
YOUTUBE link small

Ed writes: Carvin was an amazing convention spent watching amazing skill, and some amazing silliness as well…
Look out for Jeanine, Jonas Althaus (cool three ball Juggler), Marijke Gevers (excellent Clubswinging), Jive Faury and Bruno Labouret of In Isolation.

Ernst Montego Kuhn

ernst_montego_1997.jpgIf theres a gene for Juggling, its strong in the Brunn family. From Big Sky Film Festival:
Dance of Sisyphus
86 minutes, 2003 Super 16mm, Germany
By Bert Schmidt
“Ernest Montego, born Ernst Kuhn in Aschaffenburg, Germany in 1936, has been a juggler for over 50 years…. As a twelve year old, he went to the cinema and saw the duo Francis and Lottie Brunn in the Bavaria film “Tonelli” – and decided that juggling would be his future. What he didn’t realize at the time was that his choice of career was actually influenced by his own half-brother and -sister, an internationally famous juggling team who had made a name for themselves in the USA with the greatest circus in the world: “Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey”. A quarter of a century after that decisive visit to the cinema, Ernest Montego, now a master juggler himself, finally met his half-brother and in Las Vegas….”

Has anyone seen this documetary, or know where we can get a copy? Link to strandfilm the film producers site in German > scroll down to 2003.

Montego (pictured above) performed in a similiar way to Brunn – high skill, big balls and mouth sticks. I can only find one video of Montego online, here are 2 links to the same video – that sword opening is fantastic:

Ernest Montego is listed for 10 rings in 1957. his act finish you will see on the .mov above, is basically the Brunn finish… on a unicycle!

Another link to a vhs, scroll down to Hollywood Pallace Volume 1 ita a video vhs of a brunn performance from 1964 availiable to buy on VHS in the states for $14. Has anyone seen this and can give us a review?

Brunn’s Act Still Lives

mchirrick.jpgThat picture is not of Brunn, it’s his nephew: Michael Chirrick, is Lotte Brunn’s son, he was taught by Brunn.

On his site you’ll find 5 videos, 4 of Chirrick (the 5th is the Lotte and Brunn Documentary already posted) if you’re only watching 1, then go for the Highlights video.

Now here’s a game to play, with the 2 Francis Brunn routines posted over the last 2 days, and all these, Michael Chirrick performances. You have fundamentally the same routine performed over at least 5 decades. Check out the changes, in performance and style. I’m particularly fond of the 1979 clip, its like Brunn with white Lycra, Moustache and Nunchuku.

ringlin-brunn.jpgMichael Chirrick is an incredibly talented dude. Based on the video’s posted here alone, It seems that Chirrick can easilly perform all of Brunns most impressive material, but I’d say “Francis Brunn – greatest Juggler the world has ever known.” Has that certain style, that certain presentation, which elevates buy valtrex online his performances to a another level.
But, Bravo to Chirrick, Iā€™m glad to see someone is continuing, keeping alive (a derivation of) Brunn’s Act. Fantastic. One day I hope to see him perform this on stage, not just on this little screen.

Francis & Lotte Brunn Videos II & III

BrunnThis is a gem! I just couldn’t believe that I’d never seen this clip before, I was so happy to stumble upon this old footage from
the Lotte Francis Brunn Documentary. and shows that Lotte was also an INCREDIBLE juggler too, although over-shadowed by her brother Francis.

brunn.jpgAnd just for anyone who might have missed it, here is the the most famous video clip of Francis in Action on the Jack Benny Show.mpg 74Mb.
Same video as a 30Mb avi
Same video on youtube – lower res The assistant is Lotte, not showcasing in this clip.

Brunn, a Master of this art.
A hero of the MoM crew, and of the whole Juggling and manipulation world. More videos to come this week in Brunn week on MoM.
Enjoy, Drew.

Jen Slaw & Tony Duncan Promo Video

For fantastic historical reasons Tony Duncan is a legendary name in the world of ball contact. He has teamed up with Jennifer Slaw to create a slightly ambiguously named performance duo:

Their promo video is here: video html page. It’s quite long, but there are some great moments that make it well worth watching. I found that my browser sits there for ages waiting to download this doing nothing, if you get the same problem, then this direct link to the video will help: Right click and save as:

Jennifer Slaw seems groovy, and her website says that she has degrees in art & engineering…That sounds very familiar.

Tony Duncan:Tony Duncan and friends

Great stuff,


Los Repugneros EJC 2006 Video

There were many highlights of EJC 2006 for me, I will write about those in future posts, this video shows one of the the on-stage highlights:Filmed at EJC 2006 in Ireland, thanks to Bruno* for this video šŸ™‚

Los Repugneros video
A fun, skillful, dancing, juggling and flirting performance with an extra large portion of prince šŸ™‚

I’m missing a couple of names (help anyone?): here are 4 of the 6: Audrey (FR), Matiasse (GR), Morgan (FR), Mintam (FR)

Enjoy, Drew.
(*Bruno was another highlight of EJC both on and off stage, it’s amazing to see how much is technique and his movement style with 1 ball contact has improved over the last 2 years. Inspirational.)