Jugglers are Obsolete V – Rollin’ Justin

Wow, seriously, Wow. This pace of development of technology is amazing.
I see no reason why this Bot would not be capable of juggling balls or passing balls with a human partner.
MoM prediction – it will happen within 1 year. Get ready for retirement all you mortal human jugglers.
Bonus XKCD!
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Quadrotor robot Juggling 1 ball

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8O5RBcwmjYQuadrotor Juggling – we jugglers are one step closer to obsolescence.
It’s obvious that the real purpose of these things is to sneak into our bedrooms while we buy ambien sleep and kill people. But they won’t be able to kill us jugglers, why not?
Because we stay up all night practicing juggling, so they will have to TRY to beat us in a juggle battle instead.
Fat chance, 1 ball, pah. Come back when you’ve got; 2 Quadrotors, 7 balls and a book of siteswaps. Then a worthy challenger you will be!
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