John Cleese Talks on Creativity

Following a discussion about creativity with MCP earlier today, here is John Cleese explaining creativity and how to become more creative. Aimed primerily at a business audience, the background of his lecture is scientific, the guide based on his own experience. (35 minutes long, but worth it.)
Interesting stuff, plus play features heavily.
My notes after the jump, (will only make sense after watching).
[edit: thanks to lg Felix for the replacement link]
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The Good Life (of a Juggler)

This video begins by showing a kendama battle; a group of kendama enthusiasts throwing a series of increasingly complex tricks in a backyard competition. The small crowd explodes with excitement when the winner throws his final move, they celebrate together as if this was THE main event of the year. As a viewer, it is a unique glimpse into a very small world.

This is a collection of those awesome moments that happen when you are in the company of amazing people (and the camera just happens to be pointing in the right direction at the right time) Kyle Johnson makes the best videos, and I think he understands what this ‘ministry’ thing is all about better than we do.

Also, Canada boxes 🙂

The Busking Project

The Busking Project have travelled the world in search of the world’s street art, finding the beauty in each of the people they meet, recording it, editing it, then sharing it for the world to see. With 114 high definition videos, they certainly have a beautiful collection of interesting and inspiring people, like the Hong Kong Rose Sculptor.

They are interested in the discussion of what it means to be a street performer and are interviewing anyone they can to find a wide variety of opinions and ideas about what it means to busk.
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