La Preuve Par 4- killin’ it

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Sick! As you can see by the name they are from France.

The dancers are:

Marion Motin (from quality street and swagger crew)

Julie Moreau (from swagger crew)

Nicolas Medea (from R.A.F crew)

Marvin Gofin (from R.A.F crew)

Thanks to Richard Hartnell for the link : )

3 thoughts on “La Preuve Par 4- killin’ it”

  1. Playlist:
    1) soFLY – Darknight (guitar : Oddfellow)
    2) soFLY – Girls Gone Wild
    3) soFLY – Circus
    4) soFLY & Vicelow – Yahourt(soon available on Vicelow’s Blue Tape 2)
    5) T.I, Busta Rhymes, AlphaMega – Hurt (soFLY remix)
    6) soFLY – Circus Pt 2
    7) soFLY – I am the Best

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