Charlie Caper – Sweden’s got Talent 2009 Caper, top magician and nice person, is our latest friend to enter a “… got Talent show”.
Mr Caper tells us he is currently rehearsing crazy hard, in preparation for representing Sweden at FISM, the official World Championship of Magic in Beijing, China.
Good luck.
He’s a very good swing dancer too.

Derren Brown – Subliminal Advertising

Definately Manipulation…..
…Mind Manipulation, by the brilliant Derren Brown.

“The closest our galaxy can boast to a Jedi Master” Empire Magazine

“Clearly the greatest dinner party guest in history… or the scariest man in Britain ” The Guardian

“I just want to burn him at the stake and watch his witch’s heart babble” Stephen Fry

“One of the most proficient illusionists on the planet….any planet” Glasgow Herald

“He’s at the height of his considerable powers” Nuts

“…part James Bond, part Yoda” Guardian Guide